Mixed Pairs

Mixed Pairs Invitational (Active as required)

This is a foursome stroke-play competition for mixed couples on the Sharnbrook course in accordance with the following rules:
a) At least one of the Competitors must be a member of Sharnbrook Golf Club.

b) The competition will be played with the stroke allowance of ½ the combined handicaps with 4
strokes added to the ladies’ handicap (difference between ladies and gents SSS) before the calculation is made. Strokes to be taken off the men’s card.

c) All players start at hole number one – ladies off red tees.

d) The lowest nett score over 18 holes will be the winners. In the event of a tie, the winning pair will be decided by taking the lowest nett score over the last 9 holes of the course. If there is still a tie then the procedure will be repeated for the last 6 holes then the last 3 holes, then hole by hole starting at the last hole working backwards, until a winner is established. (see calculation method and handicap allowance table pages 4 and 17 respectively )