Husband & Wife/Partner Trophy


Husband & Wife/Partner Trophy (Active Competition)

This is a foursome stroke-play competition for married couples or partners on the Sharnbrook course in accordance with the following rules:
The pair decides who tees off first, the other player in the pair hits the second shot, the first player hits the third shot, and so on until the ball is holed. Players alternate hitting tee shots so the player who hit off the first tee play all odd holes the other player tees off all even holes. A
provisional ball must be played by the person who did not take the previous shot.

a) At least one player in any pair must be a member of Sharnbrook Golf Club.

b) One player of any pair must be male and the other player female. The pair, if not married, must be living together as husband and wife.

c) Both players in a pair should have an active handicap. (However, to encourage participants not having a handicap, the competition organiser can accept a player without a handicap and will assign them an appropriate handicap on the day.)

d) The competition will be played with the stroke allowance of ½ the combined handicaps with 4 strokes added to the ladies’ handicap (difference in ladies and gents SSS) before the calculation is made. Strokes to be taken off the men’s card.

e) To be played in groups of 4, all players starting at hole number one – ladies off red tees.

f) The lowest nett score over 18 holes will be the winners. In the event of a tie, the winning pair will be decided by taking the lowest nett score over the last 9 holes of the course. If there is still a tie then the procedure will be repeated for the last 6 holes then the last 3 holes, then hole by hole starting at the last hole working backwards, until a winner is established. (See calculation method and handicap allowance table pages 4 and 17 respectively in the rules book.)

2018 Competition

It was great to see 6 couples contesting this year’s competition and the weather was once again gloriously warm!  We all enjoyed each others company and the entertaining format of the competition including the closet second shot on the 1st green, won by Stephanie.

The winners and retainers of the trophy  were :……

Cliff and Julie Stromdale

We are already looking forward to next years competition and hope that even more couples will play in 2019!