About Sharnbrook Golf Club

The Bedfordshire village of Sharnbrook hides one of the best kept golf secrets in the region. A short journey down a leafy lane brings you to a country estate, on the edge of which is Sharnbrook golf course. Its location, away from trains and road traffic, ensures that golfers can enjoy their sport in a quiet and peaceful environment. The course is ideally situated on the borders of 4 counties: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

The course was initially constructed in the late seventies and continues to develop, so as to test the abilities of all levels of golfer. The result is a unique, enjoyable and challenging, nine-hole layout.


Members are provided the opportunity to participate in internal competitions and inter club matches in addition to social golf.  There is a very active Seniors section and the club encourages equality in golf. It is important to emphasise that in contrast to most clubs, Sharnbrook restricts play to members and their guests; hence the course is rarely busy. Pay and play visitors and societies are not permitted, unlike other more congested courses in the vicinity.

The club offers several categories of membership to appeal to all needs. All members and their guests can play at any time on any day, excepting when matches or other events have made tee reservations. The cost of full membership is substantially lower than other clubs in the area and Sharnbrook offers great value for money golf on a challenging golf course in a friendly environment.

What more is needed to enjoy your leisure time amongst friends, family and fellow competitors, whilst developing your game? Join us and start enjoying your golf again!


How to find us

Sharnbrook is 10 miles North of Bedford, off the A6

Course Description

Designed and constructed nearly 50 years ago, Sharnbrook golf course has matured and blended into the picturesque parkland of Colworth House.  Part of the course is dominated by spectacular 40 metre tall cedar trees.

The course is owned by Unilever and is beautifully maintained by their staff who also look after the grounds of the Science Park. Unilever staff also are responsible for the security of the course.

The 9 hole course has a par of 68 and is approximately 5200 yds long. Although not the longest course in Bedfordshire it does require golfers to play with intelligence and skill. This is not a course for someone who expects to drive his golf ball 250 yds and then hit a fairway wood onto a very large green. Here your drive must be very accurate or you will find that your next shot will be hard to land on a medium sized, well protected green.

Some of the holes are cunningly designed doglegs. Ponds, ditches and trees make all the holes great fun to play, whilst harboring an abundance of wildlife.

Simon Wantling (simonwantling.co.uk) is a wildlife photographer. He has two award winning photos taken on Sharnbrook Golf Course. His image of a Barn Owl won “Editors Choice” in the BBC Wildlife Magazine and his Little Owl picture won the 2018 SINWP international bird photographer of  the year award.

We have players of all abilities because the course offers a challenge to all without asking the impossible. There aren’t any hazards with impossible carries unless you want to make one of your own. The beginner or moderate player can get round the course safely as long as they choose sensible shots and are prepared to reflect that choice in their score. However the scratch golfer will also not find the course easy. The course record is 67 but the standard scratch is 66. Very good players need to be at the top of their game to score well.

What most members particularly like about the course is the picturesque and tranquil setting. There are no man made noises other than the odd aircraft. No engine or road traffic noises, just the sounds of birdsong.

The course is well drained and is rarely closed due to bad weather consequently we do not use winter greens. Winter golf is even more challenging as the course retains it full length. Despite this our greens in the spring, summer and autumn are true and the slopes and borrows are fun to take on.